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Just an idea...might be fun...

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I was pondering on this and it’s a little old school, but what if we as a group sent an e-mail to a single individual about what is really going on with this 2015 Challenger Hellcat roll-out. Our target would be either an individual at Chrysler/Dodge/SRT or an individual reporter that reviewed the Hellcat these last few months.
Here me out…
We as a group would create a Template or boilerplate to send to an individual. It has to be a professional looking e-mail. It has to be cordial. Start our stating there seems to be a lack of communication between SRT-Dealers- Customer service and the consumer. Now, the contents would include such items as:

1) Ordered HC’s since July and still no VIN#
2) Change in build status with no explanation
3) Multiple delays all around with no explanation
4) Mention VOTS has been down since April
5) Etc…..just add topics, not too specific…

Then we finally end the e-mail on the frustration of not knowing officially; because it not only impacts our life financially but also impacts our lives in planning for future events.

Then state, we understand unforeseen delays with vendors and rail schedules etc….

What do you think? All these e-mails sent to specific people should have an impact; instead of an individual e-mail; which can be ignored. If it’s to a reporter, I’m sure we would have an impact on SRT on a Public Relations standpoint.
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I still probably wouldn't see one in my small town...o_O Just like ResumeSpeed said, I am the only one in my town getting a Hellcat at first allotment.
There are 2 Dodge dealers in Madison and I think only 1 of them is getting a Hellcat. It was sold way before I even went in to talk with them. Same guy the Hellcat who bought the first 08 they had and he has a Drag Pak car.
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