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Just bought new seats for my 2021 SRT Hellcat, as well as some vicrez splitters / diffusers. Want to make sure I haven't overlooked anything.

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Hello and thanks for welcoming me into the Hellcat community! Last year I bought a 2021 SRT Hellcat and have put about 6500 miles on her so far! The fastest car I drove before the Hellcat was a Chevy Malibu and I must say I've fallen in love with the speed and excitement of a 717 HP vehicle!

She is 100% stock except for cosmetic changes - I've changed the badge colors and put some matte black / red vinyl stripes on her. Since she's my daily driver, I don't really intend to do many mods except for cosmetic - I have one of those extended warranties and don't want to void it in case something goes wrong... To be honest, she is so fast and fun I don't see needing more HP unless I decide to start racing.

However, I wish I would have done more research in some options before buying. I definitely do not like the cloth seats that come standard and I found these awesome red alcantera / black leather seats on ebay from a wrecked '17. The seller assured me they would fit in my '21, but I want to make sure I'm not overlooking anything. My current seats are heated and the passenger seat has a lever underneath to slide the seat forward and back. I just want to make sure the seats are 100% interchangeable - same with the door panels. Loving that red alcantera, and since I'm going with a red / black theme I think it will look really good on the interior.

The seller assured me it would be compatible with my 2021 SRT Hellcat wide body, but I am worried it may not be. How can I be sure if it is / is not compatible? Ebay's little compatibility feature said they were NOT compatible, but the seller said they were.

Additionally - the regular, all black cloth seats are what came with the vehicle. How hard are they to sell? What is a fair value for them? Should I list them on e-bay or elsewhere?

These are the diffusers / splitters I bought

Black with red trim
Black with red trim, silver rods
Black with red trim

I think this will all look great, but are there any other recommended cosmetic additions to a stock challenger? What other cool things could I do to make it look more menacing?

Lastly, are exhaust tips worth it? I bet the exhaust will look a little strange with that rear diffuser and exhaust tips were an option when purchasing one. What do yall think?

Any advice / recommendations are appreciated!!


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Lots of money for those seats. Are your factory seats the houndstooth/checkered covers?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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