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Just bought new seats for my 2021 SRT Hellcat, as well as some vicrez splitters / diffusers. Want to make sure I haven't overlooked anything.

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Hello and thanks for welcoming me into the Hellcat community! Last year I bought a 2021 SRT Hellcat and have put about 6500 miles on her so far! The fastest car I drove before the Hellcat was a Chevy Malibu and I must say I've fallen in love with the speed and excitement of a 717 HP vehicle!

She is 100% stock except for cosmetic changes - I've changed the badge colors and put some matte black / red vinyl stripes on her. Since she's my daily driver, I don't really intend to do many mods except for cosmetic - I have one of those extended warranties and don't want to void it in case something goes wrong... To be honest, she is so fast and fun I don't see needing more HP unless I decide to start racing.

However, I wish I would have done more research in some options before buying. I definitely do not like the cloth seats that come standard and I found these awesome red alcantera / black leather seats on ebay from a wrecked '17. The seller assured me they would fit in my '21, but I want to make sure I'm not overlooking anything. My current seats are heated and the passenger seat has a lever underneath to slide the seat forward and back. I just want to make sure the seats are 100% interchangeable - same with the door panels. Loving that red alcantera, and since I'm going with a red / black theme I think it will look really good on the interior.

The seller assured me it would be compatible with my 2021 SRT Hellcat wide body, but I am worried it may not be. How can I be sure if it is / is not compatible? Ebay's little compatibility feature said they were NOT compatible, but the seller said they were.

Additionally - the regular, all black cloth seats are what came with the vehicle. How hard are they to sell? What is a fair value for them? Should I list them on e-bay or elsewhere?

These are the diffusers / splitters I bought

Black with red trim
Black with red trim, silver rods
Black with red trim

I think this will all look great, but are there any other recommended cosmetic additions to a stock challenger? What other cool things could I do to make it look more menacing?

Lastly, are exhaust tips worth it? I bet the exhaust will look a little strange with that rear diffuser and exhaust tips were an option when purchasing one. What do yall think?

Any advice / recommendations are appreciated!!


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I would skip the diffuser add on stuff. You’re just spending money to lower the value of your car. The looks would be subjective but def something many buyers down the road will not like.
Going Katzkin would be the way to go with the seats for less money. BTW $4k is ridiculous money for that set up.
Made my gf and I chuckle this morning.

I thought that these, at least a front splitter, were pretty common mods for a hellcat.
In rap videos yeah. Other than that I don‘t see the add-on stuff much, at least not around here. Phew 😂 Not my thing but if if you like it that’s all that matters. Personally I think your car looks awesome already.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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