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Just joined

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I am currently driving a 2011 For Mustang GT500 and will sell it locally to buy the 2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat... I am loyal to hp... not a brand I guess.

I did own a 2006 Charger Daytona btw, so I am not completely crazy.
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Welcome to the forum! How have you liked the GT500? I've thought about getting one a few times.
I really like it, it was my first V8 sports car. I am a big guy, 240 lbs 6ft and I just need a car with more room. (and more go!) but the GT500, I am in love with and it will be hard to let go.
Welcome!! I like the Mustangs as well and the GT500 is no exception. I'm sure you'll miss it until you first lay eyes on your Hellcat :)

Thanks for stopping in, enjoy the forums.
I am sure I will miss it too.. until I use the "red" key... LOL
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Welcome! Sounds like you have a fun car to drive until your new fire breathing Hellcat arrives :cool:
I am re-joining the Hellcat club and this site. I sold my Hellcat a couple of years ago and fell into bad company with another Corvette. Now have now regained my good senses and have a Redeye in the works. An old guy cannot get in and out of a Corvette anyway. JBS$
IMO, look for a '17-'18. The '15-'16 are nice for what they are, but Dodge ironed out the teething problems mostly by the '17 model year. I'd say the best ones to buy are the '19-'20, but there's a pretty big price difference on the secondary market for those. The 17 is just right IMO.
You might be better off keeping the corvette..

When they pull you over for speeding it is a lot easier to get you out of a Hellcat....

They might not bother with you in the corvette......
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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