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K&N CAI for sale. Used 2 mos. I painted the body red and repainted it black. Didn’t care for the red after I did it.
everything is there except 2 fine thread bolts that that mount the filter to the base and maybe the mount to the body. Not sure about that one. Anyway a quick run to Lowes will cure the fastener issue.
The filter has one spot that’s a little dirty but is clean able but I don’t have the cleaning kit .

First 200.00 plus shipping


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Much as I REALLY like the idea of an air box sealed to the grille for good ram air pressurization, in reality, the much-higher-restriction 2.5" diameter hole leading into the air box from stock grille opening does not provide as much advantage as a very-free-breathing filter element that has far more than a 2.5" disk through which ALL airflow must travel. Also, the designs, such as this K&N cause the air to turn fewer times on its way into the throttle body area, which also reduces restriction.

Now, if the opening in the grille was bigger than two fists, and perfectly sealed to the air box that contained a double-cone filter such as this K&N, it would be far more functional. Pro Stockers make about twice the HP of a Hellcat, and their scoop opening is far more than twice as large, even though they can ALSO depend on FAR higher pressurization due to higher average airspeeds than most often seen by Hellcat owners.

Also, the scream from the K&N is going to let everyone around know that someone has a supercharger in action.

BTW, don't worry about water getting on your filter. There is no way the worst downpour is doing to be able to get your engine to ingest enough water to choke. The filter is not an upward-turned funnel that allows nothing but whatever fall in from above into the engine. It is a 360 degree outer cone and inner cone, so the wetted surface is not the majority of the breathing space. Besides, water tends to form sheets when in contact with cotton and other materials (Have you ever seen it form a barrier on a mosquito screen when it is wetted?) so enjoy our open-element filters, people, especially advantageous in cold climates, as the engine air is not going to be quite as hot as in hotter climates.

If you are in a hot climate, you can wrap the intake tube and shield with reflective tape/gold leaf/whatever and reject a lot of the heat soak that idling in traffic can attempt to cause.
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