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I pulled the trigger on this K&N CAI. it's designed for Demons and Redeyes. Because I have a 21 HC WB I wanted an intake that worked with the redeye hood. There are a few options, but I went with K&N. it's a third of the price of the AFE Demon intake and about half the price of the JLT. The install was very straightforward with no issues. The filter is huge and the heat shield fits nicely to keep the heat out. It sits against the hood vent nicely. Haven't driven it yet but the main goal was to here the supercharger! It's a great option for 21 Hellcats with the redeye hoods. They claim up to 44hp on demons...I know, I know...check out the K&N YouTube video of the demon on the dyno! I was hooked!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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