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K&N question

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So for any of ya who seen my whole supercharger debacle, the company who sold it to me offered to unwind the deal and sell er at auction. Seeing as warranty wouldn’t cover it cause it hadn’t blown up and when it did blow up it would be past the 10,000$ range

Took er back and went directly to dodge and got the one I wanted to begin with, 10,000km and wow what a car, I thought the other one was mint, I didn’t have any benchmark. This one is meticulous and bone stock other than this K&N (probably why it whines so much) anyways I took er out for the 2,3rd time and as I was wiping the break dust off the rims and checking the oil as I always do I noticed that the air filter set up doesn’t have the plexi glass piece under the hood mesh… so leaving it open to rain is the issue I’m worried about.. is this not set up properly or is it just me? I don’t plan on driving in rain storms but I’m in Vancouver it rains all the time even if ya try to plan around it.. the day I looked at it the first time it had sat in the rain all day and fired up no problem. Lemme know the scoop please guys

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I have one of those socks for my harley air filter for when it rains......... Works fine. The bike has a large filter hanging off the side and way more water hits that in a downpour then where your filter is in the hellcat. Only drove it in a downpour a few times when I got stuck, but the bike ran fine and the sock kept the filter dry!
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