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K&N question

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So for any of ya who seen my whole supercharger debacle, the company who sold it to me offered to unwind the deal and sell er at auction. Seeing as warranty wouldn’t cover it cause it hadn’t blown up and when it did blow up it would be past the 10,000$ range

Took er back and went directly to dodge and got the one I wanted to begin with, 10,000km and wow what a car, I thought the other one was mint, I didn’t have any benchmark. This one is meticulous and bone stock other than this K&N (probably why it whines so much) anyways I took er out for the 2,3rd time and as I was wiping the break dust off the rims and checking the oil as I always do I noticed that the air filter set up doesn’t have the plexi glass piece under the hood mesh… so leaving it open to rain is the issue I’m worried about.. is this not set up properly or is it just me? I don’t plan on driving in rain storms but I’m in Vancouver it rains all the time even if ya try to plan around it.. the day I looked at it the first time it had sat in the rain all day and fired up no problem. Lemme know the scoop please guys

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Yea I actually just grabbed a tape measure and am gonna go get the dimensions off my filter so I can hopefully order the right one. I can only guess w

really eh? I wound up with two hellcats in the last two months (long story first one had a bad SC) the first one was had mid muffler delete with the valves and resonators still in. And I couldn’t tell the difference when I switched to track mode, the new one is 100% stock and I can’t tell the difference between the valves being open/closed…and I’m sitting in a parkade… am I doing something wrong like how do i hear the difference. I was just switching it from street to track like I read?…
I bought it from Solo Performance out of New York. I was set back a far from the quality of this business and his product as well. Richard took time to listen to me after I had been looking everywhere wanting an exhaust. He knew what I wanted and suggested the system and a great price. Told me once I got installed to send back Exhaust Valves from the mine (Prepaid shipping box he sent with new Exhaust included in price) he would rework the valves and ship back to me very fast. I installed them back. No Drone, no waking the dead up in the neighborhood unless I want to and when running around for about a week with out the valves it was just a little too loud for me ALL THE TIME until I put the valves back on which really makes a huge difference in sound for sure and in different modes as well. His name is Richard DeValentino at Solo Performance Products in New York. A class act kind of guy in a business not herd of today and his exhaust is awesome!

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