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Per the K&N SS-2010 Website, this unit does not have an "Anti Drain-Back" Valve (the black rubber valve visible under the small holes surrounding the one big mounting hole) which Factory Units do have and is GOOD to have so the oil does not drain out of the oil galleries and back to the crankcase after engine shutdown.

I also could not find anywhere what the "Micron" Filter Rating is for this unit which is important to know.

For me, NOPE!
This is what I use 99% at 20 microns EAO11 is the size for Cats
It absolutely does have an anti-drainback valve.

View attachment 563618

It just so happens to be orange in the K&N.
You're using the right lube but you should also use the filter 90% 20 microns
Believing and proof are two different things. 10 microns at what % ?
If you cna find that info please point it out.
just saying from what I heard from a review of different oil filters thats why I said I believe its 10 microns though not 100 percent sure you gotta call K&N to find out.
I don't have to call I use the best filter out there.
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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