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Katzkin Sepia interior

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Does anyone know which Kazkin color is the closest match to factory Sepia ?
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Not a fan of their product. I've yet to see even one seat without wrinkles after being recovered with their product. It's always blatantly obvious that it's an aftermarket cover. People seem to love it but it never looks right to me. Just a cautionary comment really. Maybe your luck has been better?
Sorry I'm no help with the colors lol.
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It's not the product, it's the installer. I put Katzkins in my 2014 Ram and they look phenomenal.. Call Katzkin, they'll tell you which color is their match, like they did for me to match the factory Diesel Gray.
Even so, why have I never seen one done that looks right? Surely someone knows how to do it right. Maybe I'm losing my mind lol. So many people are in love with theirs yet when I see theirs I know I wouldnt like it. Really odd, maybe I'm just too picky.
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I'd love to see wrinkle free pics. It would be great to know that it can be done right. Im sure there will be a time when my OEM leather will need to be replaced and having acceptable options is always good.
Didnt mean to hijack the thread. Maybe a separate thread is in order.
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