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So sorry to hear of your issues OP. I think we have pretty much all been there at some point. At least those of us who have always chased performance in muscle cars. My issues were so similar to yours, as the car was usual my daily driver and I killed my warranty chasing more...more...more! That moment that you sense/hear or feel the problem with your engine and realize NO! This can’t happen! Not now! Is a terrible feeling. Probably the only reason I will not mod my 21 Super Stock. (At least during my extended warranty). Hopefully you can recover without it killing you too bad financially. Keep that cool head and good attitude of yours. Let us know what you do/find out and best of luck man. And again, it happens to all of us performance enthusiasts! Don’t let this ruin your love of the HC, or muscle cars.
301 - 304 of 304 Posts
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