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First post here I believe, anyways I decided mopar or no car and wanted to snag one before the V8’s officially die. Nothing quite like a hemi running wide open with spot on timing and fueling. I have been slowly dyno and road tuning the car in my free time and wow, night and day vs how it was when I bought it off the showroom floor. Here’s my initial impressions and findings after meticulously pouring over data logs and probably over 100 tune revisions. Now have a basemap that can be easily adapted for 93, water meth, and nitrous and water meth, the only thing left to do is pulley down but I am more than satisfied on the 200 shot.

-final ignition timing liked to stay around 14.5 peak wot
-running super rich for the catalysts when the cots and equipment protection would come on
-high egt’s
-cylinder 7/8 random misfire
-inconsistent throttle feel and shitty tcs off driveability
-seemed choked up up top
-lots of creaking and cracking after engine
-super hot under the hood

Tuned With Water Meth/Nitrous, Test Pipes, and Cold Spark Plugs
-new Hp tuners ecm
- motor seems to love running slightly leaner than what I would have expected but then again it’s a two valve. Also, comparatively speaking it’s right in line with what I have been tuning imports to per respective boost levels. The stock map is super rich and could probably handle a 100 shot indefinitely.
-on an appropriate jet and meth controller settings egt’s are much lower
-engine bay temps roughly seem to be halved, no creaking and cracking after engine shutdown
-on a similar tune with cats running just water injection the car made 701 wheel
-zero knock retard but more importantly lower knock sensor voltages than even the stock map.
-the blower gets noisy the more stuff you spray into it kinda common sense
-the closed loop fueling is out of this world and it hits exactly what I tell it to per the dash, yes the stoich is changed to get away from the goofy 13.6 nonsense my brain isn’t accustomed to so now it targets 14.2 Afr. I prefer AFR but lambda does have its place.
-ignition coils needed tuned for the much colder plugs I’m running to light off the fuel/water/meth, Greatly reduced misfires across the board basically not an issue anymore and will be hopefully be upgrading the coil packs as time allows, what a pain in the ass and I thought subies were annoying
-today it ran within half a degree of Dodges stock MBT tables which is in general 10 degrees more than what most are running all on her own today with no knock retard and voltages below what I was seeing stock 😻 so I’m stoked that the tune is at the point now where I can relax and start offering hellcat etunes/dyno tunes.
-getting slightly better mpg’s which I attribute to more advanced timing
-have run this tune albeit with less timing on a 200 dry shot and the max idc I saw was ~70% which is amazing in my book.
-running a quasi wet kit with the aem water meth supplying the fuel/water and a NX setup providing the nitrous through a snow tb plate.
-a special blower top like NX’s would probably make a 300-400 total shot safe
-the manifold vacuum effect pre blower is much stronger on this car than on many of the imports/euro cars I have installed water meth kits on and a solenoid is essential or you will be sucking water at idle.
-I think a dual pumper setup is next just haven’t decided on if I want to fab my own hanger or buy one

Hope this was a fun read and helps anyone out deciding a plan of attack for modding their hellcat. I’m sure I forgot some stuff or worded things poorly. Here to help out this community and deliver some safe and powerful tunes.
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