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Launch control @ 1000 RPM's in AUTO mode traction control on

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When I do this on the street my car seems to hook pretty good and absolutely boogie. I'm wondering if I did this @ the track what the outcome would be? Why is footbraking better? I guess there is only way to find out.
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When auto start is on (and it always is for classes running a sportsman tree) you only have 7 seconds to stage after 3 lights are lit. (Both cars pre staged, one staged). After that the computer gives whoever isn’t staged a red light

If you use the launch control on the display does it change your settings once the car is released? I KNOW it does with a tazer - talked with the guy that designed it and he explained how there is no way around everything going to default full on (tc and esc) once the button is released. Sucks the tazer launch does that because using a button is better than the brake pedal imo. My car 60’s best with everything off just driving it. Purdy sure if you search the topic that is the preferred method by most
No. I’m saying I would love to see @Xylander try to screw around with me at the starting line and get a red while waiting for a system that I never activated to time out 🤪
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I wouldn’t worry about searching the settings and the launch control. Track is entirely different than street. A clean chemical surface vs dirty asphalt. Car will leave hardest w foot brake. Once you figure it out and have a routine : )
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Wait n wait huh?

If yer pre staged and yer op is staged you have 6.999 seconds to stage before the tree times you out

There is nothing you can do during those 6 seconds to throw off someone off their game

Starting line shananigans cease once 3 lights are lit

You raced “semi”-professionally (there is no such thing btw) but didn’t know about the 7 second time out?

Head Statue Sculpture Art Monument

Who is that standing there?

What class did you race?
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Top fuel?

Pro stock?

SEMI Professional classes?

Lol. I hear you. IHRA. A sportsman (nonprofessional) organization : )

How many championships you win in those 5 years?
It’s yer story… I’ll let you tell it : )

However I have been on a couple fuel teams (nhra) and know that not one team out there has a ‘back up driver’. And no team would ever spend 10 grand sending the car down the track (yeah, that’s what it costs to make a pass, if you don’t hurt anything) with anyone other than the driver driving the thing. 100-150 300 mph passes in the 5 years you were a back up driver/chassis builder? Sure thing. Got any pics of your pro stock car?
I would rather line up next to someone I don’t particularly like than to have to put a friend on the trailer : )

Well mind games were definitely off topic being aware that he has 7 seconds max once 3 lights are lit won’t hurt him one bit
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