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Launch control @ 1000 RPM's in AUTO mode traction control on

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When I do this on the street my car seems to hook pretty good and absolutely boogie. I'm wondering if I did this @ the track what the outcome would be? Why is footbraking better? I guess there is only way to find out.
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Damn lots of hate going on here!
Seems like a lot of good threads go right down hill quick, off topic, and confrontational lately. Goes from launch control question to I’m better than you are (or were in this case) in less than 20 posts.
WTF does mind games contribute? Dude has a new car and trying to figure it out and he’s supposed to worry about a 7 second rule at the local strip?
Chris, I know you were having issues hooking up. Try what worked on the street with your launch control and get your times, learn what the car likes and then duplicate it with foot brake if you can. Good luck this weekend
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I would rather line up next to someone I don’t particularly like than to have to put a friend on the trailer : )

Well mind games were definitely off topic being aware that he has 7 seconds max once 3 lights are lit won’t hurt him one bit
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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