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Launch Control M6 Hellcats Yes or No?

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I went to the track last night and I just couldn’t seem to get a good launch with this M6 Hellcat and a part of me wants to try the Launch control out to see if that should improve my situation. I am just curious to which M6 Hellcat owners use launch control and who doesn’t and why? Thanks
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What tires and size are you using?

Launch control isn’t really that great. For a complete beginner, it’s probably better but if you’ve got experience, play with rpm and clutch release.

Tires and psi play a huge role here. Too high of RPM and you’ll blow the tires off. Too low and you’ll bog. If you’re running a 18, 17 (or better yet even a 15” wheel) with an ET street R or comparable Hoosier you’ll then have the grip. If the grip is there, try 4000-4500 and release the clutch fast while adding in more power. Add or subtract rpm based on grip or bog.

If you’re only running a street tire, it’s hopeless. If you have 20” drag radial, try 2000-2500 and get it moving before hammering it.
Yea I am running 18x10 w/ 305/45 M/T street R at the track and 555r on the street.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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