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Lease end options?

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I started putting my wife in a perpetual lease cycle, so she's always driving something newish, under warranty, and really never have to be too concerned with breakdowns and such (although I know they can happen, had a 2020 scat pack die on me at 71 miles....).

This first lease cycle is ending soon (2019 Honda Pilot), and I'm getting a bit concerned with finding anything new...Value (at least on-line resources) is still about what we paid for it, so I guess technically I can buy it and trade it in for whatever's available (trying to find a tahoe or yukon, but challenging)...

Anyone ever do something similar, and make a few bucks at lease end? Is it a pain to do?
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If you can afford to it, buy the lease out, and then trade it on the new one, roll that equity into a new whip. My first hellcat was a lease, and I did the same thing for my new 2021. Lease buyout was 46, dealer gave me 68 on trade, no brainer.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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