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LED or HID for headlights

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I have a 18 challenger that came with halogen headlights. I do most of my driving early morning and ive been running a HID kit from Diode Dynamics for about 2 years now. It's ok but not as bright as other cars with OEM kits. Does anyone have experience with other HID or LED kits that might be brighter?
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Can you not just find a OEM set of HID housings and bulbs?
Even if you do, they're not just plug & play though (unfortunately)
I wish mine had the Driver Convenience Group too (to get the HID's), since all of the aftermarket options suck IMO and/or just suck to install.

I had the Diode Dynamics HID retrofit kit before on a different Scat Pack, for example, and there were just too many components to it (to have a clean/simple install) & it worked just "meh" IMO too.

I have some "drop in" LED replacement bulbs in currently (no resistors or external drivers or anything) and they're better than the halogen bulbs for sure, but I would like something brighter still.
BUT they were cheap, better looking than the orange halogens & literally just a simple bulb swap:
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1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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