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Lets here your Hellcat experiences if you been lucky enough to ride in one.

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Would love to read how it felt to ride in the Hellcat, if you have been lucky enough to do so!
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Haha you two crack me!!! At least they are not the hellcats otherwise the dealer would tell you to stop touching their kitty! :p
Lol I sat in the one in the showroom, adjusted the seat, checked the fit and finish, got under the hood in the trunk, pics of the under carriage lol. After awhile the sales people stopped asking me if I needed help
There is really no help for us until our Hellbabies arrive!!! I am sooooo glad to know I am not the only one that has been playing with the other Challys till my car gets here!:rolleyes:
Everything I own is a manual but I decided to go with the automatic in the hellcat after reading and watching many reviews. Has anyone been in both? Any opinions?
Lol I'd never even seen or sat in a challenger up close before. Had to go outside and sit in a older model too...just to see what the changed were lol
This will be my first challenger! I own 3 dodge 3500 so I'm used to RAMming it. But I can't wait to pet this kitty and listen to it purr! It has been great to read all your experiences and makes me even more excited to get my hellcat! Thanks guys and gals!:)
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1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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