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License plates are in but no hellcat

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well my plates are in but not sure when my hellcat will be in lol


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awesome, I'm in Texas too and I never had a custom plate before. How does it work? So I take it you don't need the car to order a plate? I presume you just put those plates on at the dealer and that is what the dealer uses when they the final paper work? I'm new to this stuff so any insight from anyone would be very appreciated.
yea just order your plates then when you go pick em up at your local tax office tell em your car that your using them for
never came in yet so they will just give you the plates then when you pick up your hellcat bring the plates with you to the
dealer so they can register the car to those plates pretty simple actually .
also im in houston too what dealer you place your order with because i placed my order with a dealer in forth worth because all
the dealers here were pretty greedy and wanted $10k over or they had no more orders
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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