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Limecat is come home!!!!

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After waiting 6 months and 10 days my Challenger Hellcat is home in my garage. Never thought this day would come. Huge thanks to Cat-Man-Do for the heads up and without RS I think I would have given up. Shout out to Kris and Bryson at Avondale Dodge in Avondale, Arizona for all your help and getting my car at MSRP and being fair on my trade. Kris went above and beyond answering all my questions and even got me a copy of my MSO. I know you have heard this on the forum about "its worth the wait" and I thought that was just people that had there cars that weren't waiting any more but I have to agree it was worth the wait!!! Can wait till I hit 500 miles so I can go have some fun :cool:
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I don't get why someone would have done that with that car?? Its not like its going to be a collectors piece or sent to a museum... What's the point of buying and having a car like that if you don't enjoy it, makes no
Cars don't have to be driven to enjoy them. I personally commend a person that has the restraint to not drive their cars. I have 159 miles on my hellcat. I love having the restraint to not drive it. Just my opinion.
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