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Linda's HC Charger makes the yellow bullet 11.01 best run of the day

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Hellcat charger Cecil TNT 4-18-15 - Yellow Bullet Forums

Well we missed the 10's today but not by much, the day started off not as I had planned as I had left the car at the shop after installing the drive shaft and someone was going to bring it to the track as we had other cars going, when they arrived they said they filled it up on the way, well that took me out of my game plan as I always try and run a 1/4 tank and just keep it at that level so it's easy to keep things consistent, with no way to take it out we ran the car full, first run was bad as the car was already hot from the hour drive to the track so we let it sit for an hour and then started to make runs, slowly the times started to drop and we started to average 11.11 -11.05 range, let the car cool down for a late lunch break and came back with a 11.03 and then backed it with the best pass of the day 11.01 with 3/4 tank of gas. We were running with the Ford Johnny lightning guys and some mustangs which we had quite a few nice comments all day long, so were gaining some respect..
On another note my daughter Kate had a personal best in her challenger running 11.12..
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