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Link for window sticker once in KZ?

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Can someone please provide. I did a search but no joy.
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I think I went KZM 4 days ago and the window sticker still doesn't show up with the link. I've been checking it every day. I'd guess it would take a few days to show up but does anyone know how long it usually takes? Even though I've checked with SRT in the past, I'd still have some comfort knowing it was ordered exactly like I wanted it...after they deleted the sunroof of course.
Wish I could answer you, ATLHellcat . I've checked some other people's window stickers every now and then trying to figure that out too, but the only one i continuously check is mine, and I'm still JS, not even KZ.
So you can see your window sticker?
No. But I keep checking because I'm hoping that eventually it will work. I will also find out the exact status of my car as soon as the sticker works, so that in the future I can answer that question 100% for people. If I don't check continuously, then it could have changed at some other point. I want to have good, accurate info to share. I don't have a behind the scenes answer like ResumeSpeed and I'm not a gear head (I'm learning), so I can't answer a lot of in depth questions about the inner workings of the Hellcat. So I'll take what I can get, and be able to answer questions, lol. If at some point I can give good info to people, then I will feel more connected to this awesome community!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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