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Little puddle under the Hellcat

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I found a little puddle of water under my car, it was found right in the middle of the car. It appears to be condensation leaking from the exhaust as the car warms up after cold start. Is this normal?
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It did not look like dirty water, it looks like it could be brake dust floating on the water.
I was guessing that it was some kind of drain for condensation half way down the exhaust.......
Got it....I'll get some Kitty Litter!
I will pray for NO POO!!!
I put the car up on my buddies lift for an oil change. I see the source of the puddle. Both the left and right side exhaust pipes are leaking where they are clamped in the middle of the car. I don't hear an exhaust leak, but the condensation in the exhaust during cold start is certainly leaking..... Darn!!!
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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