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Long time reader, first time poster

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Hello from waco, TX. Heres my T/A 392 I’ve had for 3 yrs now. Have a 22 jailbreak on order currently.

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So I love my T/A so much I chose the same colors. White knuckle. SRT widebody stripe. Dodge would not let you select this stripe and the satin package like the T/A has. So I decided on the stripe only and I’ll have the hood,roof,trunk wrapped locally when it gets here. HK sound, carbon fiber interior panels, red badges, red led steering wheel. Suede headliner, sunroof, floor mats with the red outline, summer tires, alcantara,laguna seats. Dealer tells me 12 weeks but I don’t believe it just yet. Ordered 12/31.
I thought they let you do pretty much anything with the jailbreak? I think the satin and stripe would (will) look good! Pics in 12 weeks!
Nah, on the order form, they only allow one stripe option per car. The Jailbreak has the option for the T/A style side stripe (no logo anywhere on it), or you can opt for stripes or any variant of the Painted Satin Graphics package (partial or full). But, you can only choose one. What's unique is that Dodge and most manufacturer's color code the options. Thus, you can't order a green car with red stripes... unless it's a Jailbreak, then you can do a green car with red stripes, yellow calipers, red badges and a hammerhead interior.
Gotcha! Thanks. Yeah I did notice on the contest just messing around if you tried to put say silver stripes on a silver car it would automatically change the car color to black, and leave the silver stripes. But that wasn't a jailbreak. Should be seeing some crazy jailbreaks this year!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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