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Looking for 2023 Durango Hellcat Premium at MSRP

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Hi Everyone,
I am looking for 2023 Durango Hellcat Premium. My 2021 was stolen just couple of weeks ago from an airport parking lot. I haven't had much luck finding one in the Austin TX area but I am open to a nationwide search. Let me know if anyone has any leads or reputable dealers that are willing to sell at MSRP.
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If you'll settle for a mere Plus, in white, I might have one available in a month or two.
Did you have any security on that 95k suv?
I’m picking up a Ram 3500 from Louisville Dodge this weekend. I told him I own an OG Demon and he pitched me a Destroyer Grey DDHC they just got in.
Call Vito (salesman) at 518-331-4043
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I had a 2021 DDHC and sold it. Should have kept it because of the 4WD. I’m replacing it with a WBHC convertible and just got confirmation of the build today.
Vito is from upstate NY and a nice salesman.
good luck!
Parking any hellcat based vehicle in an airport lot is just an invitation for the “gone in 60 seconds” crew!! How many stories you hear of this and people still park this GOAT anywhere. Blows my mind 🤯
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Oh yea! I know! It’s not a daily driver etc. I live in Ft Lauderdale and it has its application.
Ive seen them sell for 10% below MSRP… you just need the right Dealer
Go build what you want on the Dodge website. Afterwards search inventory. If you only have “near” criteria matches, increase to Nationwide distance. It should pop a few options that better match your criteria requirements/desires.

Click through to the dealer sites that have ones you like. Sometimes they will have them with various discounts already listed. Be careful they don’t stack unattainable rebates (military, first responder, etc).

That is how I found my 1320 anyhow.

Good luck.
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