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Looking for an 8HP-90

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Good Evening-

I know I dont have a lot of posts, but I'm not a scammer or a fraud. Anyway, I am looking for decant used tranny to go into my 2020 HC.

2 Months ago, at Gainesville Raceway, the drive shaft basically exploded, taking out the differential. Once it was examined closely, the case of my was damaged.

I purchased a used piece from a 2018 HC, and after having a reputable and knowledgeable Mopar Tech try to get it to work in my car, it was determined that the piece I bought was no good.

I'm doomed to have to buy a brand new one, it seems, but I figured I'd give a shout on this board just in case.

Thank you for reading.
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The drive shaft broke, taking out the differential, axles, and cracking the transmission case. Also took out the exhaust. Violent wheel hop, sticky tires and well prepped track. The car makes 742rwhp, the Master Tech said I dont need to beef up the trans - the stock one is fine. All the hardware has been beefed up. As it turned out, he's going to swap the original valve body from my tans into the replacement. He thinks it was an incompatibility issue with the ecu. Since he works for CDJR dealership, I'm confident he's correct.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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