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Looking for an 8HP-90

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Good Evening-

I know I dont have a lot of posts, but I'm not a scammer or a fraud. Anyway, I am looking for decant used tranny to go into my 2020 HC.

2 Months ago, at Gainesville Raceway, the drive shaft basically exploded, taking out the differential. Once it was examined closely, the case of my was damaged.

I purchased a used piece from a 2018 HC, and after having a reputable and knowledgeable Mopar Tech try to get it to work in my car, it was determined that the piece I bought was no good.

I'm doomed to have to buy a brand new one, it seems, but I figured I'd give a shout on this board just in case.

Thank you for reading.
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I am confused why a Transmission is needed vs a new differential.
Except my driveshaft broke at the Top near the Trans and damage my Trans.

Since you race your Hellcat you could have an upgraded Trans like I do.

Contact Sales at HHP @ 1-888-894-1115
There also could be other suggestions, for what you need.

You could also ask them about used Trans too.
Sometimes the Speedshops have them because customers upgrade.

I wish you Good Luck
Linda :)
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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