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@Carden260 Looking for the Best Tuner is what you want to find First!

If there is a Tuner, Speed shop combo that can install parts and Tune, then get your quote!

Remember a Performance shop is a Business and be sure to know what it is going to cost before you send your Hellcat to them.

An experienced shop will be able to quote a package for an ET or RWHP you are looking for.

If they have experience, they should know what parts are needed, including the supporting mods and Tuning.
Unless you change something that quote should be your out the door price.

Also you want to be sure ALL the parts are there before you send your car in. If not it will be a nightmare to wait for your car to get done.

One last thing Don't go with some All out Race Build, you won't see your Hellcat for a Year.(s)

I have several Tunes. Dragracing and Daily Driving. You may want to ask about that.
There is also an E-85 Flex Tune that may interest you too.

I use 93 for Daily Driving. For racing I can use 93 mix with MS 109, Just MS109 and I can change the Tune for some Fassst Fun and use Q16.
When I leave the track I can change the Pulley with a ring and then add 93 to the Q or MS ( Of course the Drag Wheels would need to be changed out too)
I trailer my Hellcat to the track, but there are time when I have not.

I do not have E-85 near where I live and I would not be interested to Take care of using it.

Welcome to!

There are many knowledgeable members that can help with questions, fire away!😁

Spring is Here, Enjoy All The Fasssst Fun! :cool:

Linda :)

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Looking for any recomendations for a good shop that works on Hellcats? Any good suggestions

Don't forget, power is only useful when it can be put down to the road. Whenever you are ready feel free to message me and I can get you hooked up with the proper set of rubber and wheels for whatever power level you end up at. Please also feel free to message me with any questions regarding wheel\tire setups at all (even if you don't plan on purchasing).

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Both RPM and CAP are excellent choices. I’ve used Glenn at RPM for years now. He is truly a Mopar whisperer and knows these cars inside and out. He does a lot of work on all our Colorado Challenger club member cars with a huge portfolio of Hellcats. He built my 426 stroker from scratch a while back. I’m currently in his shop working on squeezing a few more ponies out of the original build. He’s super busy though so needing something done right away could be a stretch. He does HP tuning on his in-ground Mustang dyno.
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