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looking for photo of radiator hose recall repair

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im looking for a photo of the extra clamp they are putting on...anyone know the exact size too?

i can smell it when i put my face up to the most likely its where my strong smell while driving is coming like to just fix it myself since its just $2 hose clamp from ace hardware

photo of the repair please?
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have you seen this issue DR Buick?

can i get a hose clamp from you tomorrow?

----by the way i got my Nitto's in the back of my gt500 and will be seeing you tomorrow afternoon Jim!---easy fit (not)

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ill buy it and do it myself....rather have it done and pay $5 than have the hose blow and be F'd

be sure to let me know tomorrow how many miles you think are left on my F1' trying for $150 a tire on Craigs 4500 miles w/o burnouts or track time im guessing they have 2/3rds life left in them

see you around 1pm

HC will most likely be in for the tire change/oil change the following week....i hit 490 miles today, so its ready to rock time!-----i expect to fit the tires in the trunk of the HC

i tried to get 1 tire in the trunk of the GT500....nope....
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HC is up on my lift

also work is slow, so im going to take a short vacation......tues-thurs looks bad weather wise.....i guess if you got done quick enough and could do both in 1 day i could take the gt500 home and come back with the HC......depends how fast and how long your there....dont want you to rush the pretty sure you did a tire swap on my 2011 IE 2 years ago (they told me their best guy did it)(it was a fix o flat job on my end)....i could only find 1 really tiny mark on the hoping for 0 marks this time with your new machine............ive never had a tire changed other than the 1 time with my IE where they didnt hack the F*ck out of my rims

if your planning on staying late im sure you can spend your afternoon working on my collection
how can the factory put the wheels on without damaging the rim? and why cant any dealership......

cant recoat your rims every 10,000 miles when you change tires

i dont think the flat black rims will hold up well as far as looks goes....i would prefer the normal SRT version...wish Dodge gave another option other than Flat black or brass monkey....not really a fan of either

we will see tomorrow how it goes
0 scratches from the factory on mine (gt500 and HC).....after some washings they have a few though

my 2011 had scratches on some of the rims

my new GMC has major scrapes on all 4 rims.....wish i would have seen it at the dealership....i would have asked for new whoever did my wheels at the factory did the typical scrape up job that most dealerships do...

thought you said this new machine made 0 damage to the rims?
sounds excited to test out the nitto's

isnt there some padding where the rim gets held down?
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