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looking for photo of radiator hose recall repair

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im looking for a photo of the extra clamp they are putting on...anyone know the exact size too?

i can smell it when i put my face up to the most likely its where my strong smell while driving is coming like to just fix it myself since its just $2 hose clamp from ace hardware

photo of the repair please?
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have you seen this issue DR Buick?

can i get a hose clamp from you tomorrow?

----by the way i got my Nitto's in the back of my gt500 and will be seeing you tomorrow afternoon Jim!---easy fit (not)

lol! Good thing you are only swapping out the rears! Would make for an interesting trip with 4 in there!o_O
My hose has a second clamp on the top hose on the bottom section but the top section only has one and on my 900 mile ride home I can see it has slipped almost half inch or so. I gotta figure how to push it back on and find a good clamp. Will dodge cover/do this for me for free if I take it in? Going on a vacation/road trip tomorrow so gotta get it fixed before I leave!
I am sure they would. If the clamp slipped, it's a risk.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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