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Looking for the best deals on ordering a new Hellcat. Any Advice?

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Hi folks,

I’m trying to place an order for a 2023 WB Redeye Challenger. I tried to reach out to Jake Stephens at the Dan Cummings dealership in Kentucky but I’ve been told he no longer works there. No one knows where he went too or maybe they do but don’t want to say.

When I spoke to a sales manager, at the Dan Cummings dealership, I asked him if they were still honoring the forum pricing (4.5% below invoice) on orders for the 2023 Wide Body Redeye Challenger.

He advised they were not, they are doing 10k over MSRP+++. I don’t know if the 4.5% under invoice that people on this forum were claiming was a dealership thing or something Jake was able to negotiate on behalf of his customers. Does anyone know how to contact Jake and what dealerships have been giving you folks the best prices when ordering new Hellcats? TIA
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For regular SP, HC's, and RE's I believe, the JB's and SS's weren't discounted. Jake is Hellcat Jesus; he doesn't have allocations at his new dealership from the scuttlebutt. DC is supposed to be solid but some have complaints.

That was last year, now it's going to be whatever.
Pffft, I'm going back to 70' buying a real Daytona, R/T, and Road Runner new, sealing them up in a cave and coming back to 2022 to sell for $10,000,000. All I need now is a flux capacitor, been talking to some Libyans about fuel...
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