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Just finishing up getting my mostly stock 2020 HC tuned (has Borla ATAK, LMI and 180 thermo).
As always looking for just a little bit more but don't want to spend a fortune or lose any of the amazing drivability I have.

Thinking about adding a 10% over lower ATI. I feel I need to pin the crank anyway so might as well put the ATI on at the same time. I do not want to do an upper. Tight winding of the belt, additional idler pully etc is not what I want. Also,
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you can not see the lower. Do not want to go to bigger injectors or fuel pumps. Just a couple of lbs of extra boost would be nice.
So my question is if I go with only a 10% lower do I have to change injectors and fuel pumps or will the stock stuff handle it? I know I will have to tune again and I am good with that.
Thanks for your Time,

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In 2015 when my Husband @Top Cat and I went to the Track for T&T for R&D of parts and Diablo Tuning with Joshua Swartz owner and Tuner of HighHorsePerformace I had the 1st Tuned Hellcat.
The first Tuned Part was the ATI %10 lower Yes the Crank was pinned and my ET dropped. My Husband sent his Challenger now known as "Top Cat" down to HHP and we went to the track 3Xs a week . Josh has many customers now that continue to do what we did.
John loved R&D and [email protected] has lot's of Hellcat knowledge and sells parts and Tuning.
Give Sales @ HHP a Call @ 1-888-894-1115

The Lower is a good place to start and yes you will need bigger injectors. But when you call HHP let them know you want to start modding and Tuning but you want to be prepared for the safety and strength a head of time. It's best to have some of the supporting mods now to add to later.
I love to Dragrace and Daily drive, and you may like the way my Hellcat is modified for Street legal HP and a some changes to the upper Pulley and Tune and into the 9's I go.......Go Fasssst!
Let HHP sales know what ET you want and you will be able to get here safely.
Linda :)

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I would toss in demon injectors and have your tuner work his magic.
I think some people ran incognito sleeves without upgrading injectors or even tuning. Not worth the gamble for a $300 set of injectors.
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