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Looking to sell Powdercoated calipers & rotors

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I’m thinking of selling my front calipers Powdercoated sublime with my rotors from a 2015 challenger hellcat and less than 500 miles on performance brake pads looking to see if there’s any interest before I take them off $1500 I will probably do both front and back after thinking about it complete front and back in mint condition $2300


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That is one NICE job though.
I'm a red person also............ 😁
Lets say i give you the benefit of the doubt.
But I have damaged calipers now.
Who is responsible?
The boxes looked brand new, zero damage, that is why fedex denied the claim. They said read the fine print for insurance. Packaging is the senders responsibility. The had zero reports of any box damage or repairs. The driver had not noted damage to the box. My ring video even shows the boxes in perfect shape and sat down gently by the delivery guy.
Who is at fault?
Dude, YOU have to accept some responsibility here too. YOU made mistakes during the sale, so it's a wash. $1100 for all 4 almost new Brembos is a steal! I paid $1300+ for just fronts, in red, and sadly no longer need them. Mine had a few chips also; BUT, compared to new................ Move on man........
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Dude, they closed your other thread. Move on will you????????????
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