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Looking to sell Powdercoated calipers & rotors

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I’m thinking of selling my front calipers Powdercoated sublime with my rotors from a 2015 challenger hellcat and less than 500 miles on performance brake pads looking to see if there’s any interest before I take them off $1500 I will probably do both front and back after thinking about it complete front and back in mint condition $2300


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Have interest, but I am content with my red ones for the price lol
Do you have all four calipers in sublime?
I was not tearing up on your price, I am just not that motivated or dislike the red that much to change them. Not to mention, it would need to be all four calipers....
No idea, what are you thinking
And just to be clear, its just the 4 calipers, or does that include pads and rotors?
Ok, I will give it thought.
I'm going to pass on these. I will likely just have mine done this winter.
I am, but.....
I just talked to my powder coat guy yesterday that my family uses.
He told me $400-500 to do mine this winter if I bring my own powder....
So I am torn, because I really don't need rotors, but would consider the entire package.
What are you thinking?
I'm sure they are, but I do not need rotors or pads. I only really had interest in the sublime calipers. I would of just sold the rest.
Honestly, the convenience of just bolting a set on is nice, but it is not worth spending $2,000 for my situation..
Sorry meant to send that earlier
If someone needed everything, yes $2k is worth it. But, I would never buy used rotors myself to use. And like I said, I was just looking to use the sublime calipers
If we were local, I would say let's just swap calipers and give you some cash, then you could sell the complete set in red, it would likely have more of a desire in red to most.
I dont get what you mean, 4 calipers only for 1000
What is included exactly?
So what is included exactly?
4 sublime calipers, perfect shape?
Hardware, pads, hoses or bare calipers only?
I am just giving it thought here.....
I only want them if they are perfect.
If they are, I will take them.
I trust you.
How we sending funds?
When will your new ones be arriving?
You will need to ship them to me.
What is your zip?
I may have someone close to you coming to Mopar Carlisle PA around July 8th....
I will probably just have you ship them.
The calipers are not that heavy. Maybe even four separate boxes, all I ask is that they are packaged well.
Whatever you think is fine, all I care is that the arrive undamaged. Just offering on what we get the best rates shipping at my business. We do better with multiple smaller packages than one large one. Whatever works for you works for me.
Keep me in the loop on ETA on your other brakes and what are you thinking as a deposit?
1 - 20 of 76 Posts
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