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Loss of power - Electrical

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I was in the middle of a good pull and my car just died. After I stopped, my car acted like the battery was low. No crank but lights were all on.

When my SRT Performance pages came back up, I had loss a good amount of the gauges. The challenger on the screen looked different as well.

I’ve seen this before. It was after I had my bmr expansion tank installed. It has something to do with the insulation on the tank pressing on the fuse box cover beside of the front of it.

I reseated all of the modules in my fuse box and it started and I drove on.

With the way the SRT pages acted, does anyone know which module this could be? Any suggestions on preventing this? There does not appear to be any corrosion. About all that I can think to try is maybe adding a little di-electric grease on the terminals of the modules. Maybe they’re relays? They’re about 1” square. 4 prong.
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1. Charge battery. 2. Check voltage after sitting a day. 3. Check voltage at battery during idle. 4. IS the tank pushing on it? If so, fix that problem first.
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