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Since new my 21 Charger Hellcat had three pages to select from on the home page.

Back in October I had to have the IC coolant pump replaced under warranty. Since then I noticed there's now only one page and I can only add four gauges where before I had two more pages. Also there were white arrows in the corners that would let me move them around.

Here's a pic I took while I was monitoring the IC coolant temps.

Now where the page numbers were, there's a settings icon.

I was thinking about disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes then see if the pages and functions come back.

Anyone else have something like this happen?

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Try a Factory Reset on the Radio Settings Menu with the button in the run position TWICE and cycle the button to OFF between resets. You can also cycle the radio fuse in the back fuse box... F31 ??
1 - 1 of 9 Posts