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Lots of oil in intake

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Hey guys, I’m new here but I’ve been lurking for a while. I have a 68,000 mile 2016 Challenger Hellcat that I’ve daily driven for almost 3 years. Stock except LMI intake, catch can, and mid muffler delete.

In March, my car was stolen right out of my driveway but luckily, thanks to a Good Samaritan who saw my Facebook post, we recovered it about a week later but that didn’t stop them from running the hell out of it for that week!

Sorry for the rant, let me get to the point. Finally deciding to go ahead and make some more power. Went ahead and ordered dusterhoffs 997E package (huge shoutout to these guys, their customer service is incredible) and going to get the blower race package from jokerz. Finally got the blower pulled off the other night and I noticed a large amount of oil buildup in my intake ports in the heads as well as the blower under the coolant bricks.

Couldn’t find any posts on it so I figured I’d ask you guys if this was pretty normal. Just concerned since it seemed like a lot considering I have a catch can. As for cleaning them before I put it all back together, is brake clean a good option?
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There is still a drivers side version of the catch can to help with that. Normal.
It's fine. I'll quote an old buddy of mine. "It's oil. Oil is supposed to be inside the engine. It gets everywhere. It ain't a problem until it drips on the floor."
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Could it be valve cover gasket leak? Blower Oil Seal leak?
It is more than likely crankcase pressure related. Installing a breather cap would alleviate that oil buildup if this is indeed the issue.
How much oil does the engine use?
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How much oil does the engine use?
Important question, there.
Catch cans are your friend, too, evidently.
Is it a brand-spanking-new engine with absolutely, completely, reworked valve seals, gaskets, rings, bored/honed cylinders (everything that could leak oil into the valve cover area, potentially)?
Main culprit would be rings, I would think if there actually is a problem.
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