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LOWERED!! KW Adjustable coil springs installed....

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Took the time to install my KW springs today... Install wasnt too bad. It took me about 4 hours crawling aroung by myself. A lot of that time was taking the wheels on and off to make height adjustments.. And another 1/2 hour was needed to run to the store to buy 2 set screws that were needed and some crazy German neglected to include....

The spings are fully adjustable height wise. I ended up adjusting the car down 1" all the way around. I measured from the ground to the front and rear wheel lips, and also the front splitter to gauge the difference... I will give the car few hundred miles to "settle", as they mention the car may settle another .2"-.3".... Then I will have the alignment checked..

Ride quality, honestly, has not been affected AT ALL... rides quality is exactly the same in all 3 Suspension Modes, but is definetly less "floaty" when in "Street" mode, which is what I use on our wonderful Wisconsin roadways...

Before and after pics... thoughts? I am VERY happy with the look...

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Updating this thread... Car has settled another .25", for a total of 1.25" lower than factory. I have yet to scrape or rub anything, including the splitter. Rides really nice, actually there really isnt any difference than factory besides sitting lower... View attachment 8941
That does look good!
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