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Took the time to install my KW springs today... Install wasnt too bad. It took me about 4 hours crawling aroung by myself. A lot of that time was taking the wheels on and off to make height adjustments.. And another 1/2 hour was needed to run to the store to buy 2 set screws that were needed and some crazy German neglected to include....

The spings are fully adjustable height wise. I ended up adjusting the car down 1" all the way around. I measured from the ground to the front and rear wheel lips, and also the front splitter to gauge the difference... I will give the car few hundred miles to "settle", as they mention the car may settle another .2"-.3".... Then I will have the alignment checked..

Ride quality, honestly, has not been affected AT ALL... rides quality is exactly the same in all 3 Suspension Modes, but is definetly less "floaty" when in "Street" mode, which is what I use on our wonderful Wisconsin roadways...

Before and after pics... thoughts? I am VERY happy with the look...

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Just ordered springs! (Car gets here this week!)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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