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LOWERED!! KW Adjustable coil springs installed....

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Took the time to install my KW springs today... Install wasnt too bad. It took me about 4 hours crawling aroung by myself. A lot of that time was taking the wheels on and off to make height adjustments.. And another 1/2 hour was needed to run to the store to buy 2 set screws that were needed and some crazy German neglected to include....

The spings are fully adjustable height wise. I ended up adjusting the car down 1" all the way around. I measured from the ground to the front and rear wheel lips, and also the front splitter to gauge the difference... I will give the car few hundred miles to "settle", as they mention the car may settle another .2"-.3".... Then I will have the alignment checked..

Ride quality, honestly, has not been affected AT ALL... rides quality is exactly the same in all 3 Suspension Modes, but is definetly less "floaty" when in "Street" mode, which is what I use on our wonderful Wisconsin roadways...

Before and after pics... thoughts? I am VERY happy with the look...

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I adjusted my front ones to 3/4" from the bottom, and my rear 1/2" from the top, the rear seems a bit low, which way do you adjust the rear to raise it ?

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I know some have expressed interest in the kit I used, and BossHawg has purchased one. So, in order to save you guys the time, I will give some tips here for installing...

I bought the KW kit, part # 25327018. I paid $725 shipped, I have since seen it for as low as $650 shipped.. They cost twice what regular drop coils cost, but offer FULL height adjustment. They are listed for a 1" drop, but they will go to 2"-2.5" easily... View attachment 6069

You can see there is a black base/seat on the rear spring, and a gold one for the front. These are threaded and the purple collar will adjust the height. To get 1" drop, I adjusted the purple collar in the rear 10 TURNS from the bottom. That gave me exactly 1 inch. I was lucky, because on the rear, you have to remove the spring again to make adjustments, which takes a little bit of time. I nailed it on the first try. When doing the rears, I use the "cradle" method. This involves lowering the rear cradle one side at a time. Others have just dropped the rear control arm. I dont like the idea of lowering and raising a control arm under spring tension, so I drop the cradle. Leaving the opposite side cradle bolts tight when dropping should NOT affect alignment..

The front, I ended up adjusting the purple collar up 3/4" from the gold base. I cant say how many turns, because it took about 4 tries to get the 1" drop I was looking for, and I lost count. When you make height adjustments, you would think that moving the base and adjusment collar apart 1/4" would affect height 1/4" but it doesnt work that way.

Here are the instructions I used. The KWs come with instructions that are marginal at best...

This job is actually pretty simple. You will need basic tools, along with a couple floor jacks and stands. You WILL need a strut spring compressor to do the fronts, or you will have to bring the front assemblies to a shop to remove the stock springs. You will also need a good torque wrench. I used air tools this time around, but on my last SRT, I did everything by hand. New cars come apart pretty easy..

Im going to say that a number of springs will work on our cars... Mopar Stage 1s, H&Rs, Eibachs, etc.. All at half the price. But, none will offer height adjustment like the KWs...

If somebody has ?s, post up, I will do my best to answer..

Good Luck!

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Jumped into the KW pool, Super happy with how the install came out. Learned a great deal from this post as well as getting some good advice from some other members who had done the install. I decided to try the same formula as Purple cat 16 recommended. 5 turns up on the rear collars and a measurement of 3/4 of an inch on the front collars. This gave me pretty much exactly one inch drop in the rear and 1/4 inch drop in front.
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