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Lowering... Anybody else think the Hellcat sits a bit too high?

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The one thing I have always disliked about the Challengers is the gap between the tires and the fenders/quarter panels.. And the Hellcat leaves me feeling the same way, particularly in the rear. It just sits too high. On my previous two Challengers, I lowered both. One was a '09 R/T and the other was a '12 SRT. Both cars looked and the ride was unchanged from stock.

I am considering ordering this kit for my HellCat. It will offer height adjustment, without affecting the adaptive suspension. The kit says it will lower up to 1 inch, but they will actually adjust down 2.25".. Not that I will go that low. Im thinking 1.5" in the rear and maybe 3/4" in the rear would look great..


KW Height Adjustable Spring System 12-15 Challenger SRT SRT Hellcat 25327018
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I have the BC Coilovers on the SuperBee and like the way the car looks and reacts to the road. I've had the KW v2's on a previous ride ('05 Magnum) and liked them as well.

This could be a very good option for the Hellcat.
No differnet than I have now, no speed bumps LOL
yes sits to high but will not fit a 305 on the back lowered
Without a different rim, wouldn't you say?
1 - 3 of 63 Posts
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