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Lowering... Anybody else think the Hellcat sits a bit too high?

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The one thing I have always disliked about the Challengers is the gap between the tires and the fenders/quarter panels.. And the Hellcat leaves me feeling the same way, particularly in the rear. It just sits too high. On my previous two Challengers, I lowered both. One was a '09 R/T and the other was a '12 SRT. Both cars looked and the ride was unchanged from stock.

I am considering ordering this kit for my HellCat. It will offer height adjustment, without affecting the adaptive suspension. The kit says it will lower up to 1 inch, but they will actually adjust down 2.25".. Not that I will go that low. Im thinking 1.5" in the rear and maybe 3/4" in the rear would look great..


KW Height Adjustable Spring System 12-15 Challenger SRT SRT Hellcat 25327018
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Be careful. The exhaust in the middle is just over 5.5 inches off the ground. Measure what it'll drop if you go lower.
I am guessing, and its just a guess, that if I lower the car 1.5", the exhaust will also be 1.5" lower...:)
No differnet than I have now, no speed bumps LOL

Yup.. And use angles when going up driveway approaches..
I run the Mopar springs on my 12 SRT. I am hoping to install them on the Hellcat.
All the research I have done says that wont be a problem... Im ordering the KW kit I posted tonight..
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My 2012 SRT with H&R springs...
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My Procharged 2009 R/T with complete KW coilover kit. Yes those are 305 Nitto Drag Radials on the factory 20x8 wheel...
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yes sits to high but will not fit a 305 on the back lowered
Im not totally convinced that 305s WONT fit when lowered. Im talking lowered, not slammed... It looks like Ill be the guinea pig on this one...
I have mopar spring in the shop. I'm going to run it at stock height first

The Mopar Stage 1s will only lower the rear about .7"... But might be an alternative...
needs to go like a inch. Springs are easy to change

Agreed.. The '12 I pictured in this thread had the Mopar Stage 1s for about 1 week... Not much difference than stock. So I went with the H&Rs. About 2.5 hours to swap with me crawling around on the floor by myself.. Easy... Just have to be sure to leave the opposite side bolts on the rear cradle tight when lowering a side down for the swap... Wont F up the alignment that way..
when you need done I can help.
Awesome, your lift is better than my garage floor, Im sure...
Wonder how much installation would be for this? Not sure of any local shops to me, but this and drag radials are on the top of my list as soon as spring hits.

I would imagine a shop would want to charge way too much.. But I am cheap, and dont want to pay anybody anything for something I can do myself...
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I found a couple pics of a '15 SRT that has been lowered. These cars basically share the same wheels and suspension with the HellCat. Reading this owners reviews, ride quality is unchanged, as well the adaptive suspension.

I ordered the adjustable KW kit this morning. I will update with pics as soon as the parts come in and I can do the swap...

'15 SRT on H&R springs. These are the ones I had on my '12 SRT pictured earlier in the thread. Listed for 1.7" drop in the front, 1.4" in the rear. They did not affect ride quality on my '12 at all either...
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tsc was super anal about his SRT8 being lowered, but says he's happy with the stance on the Hellcat, so who knows if we'll lower either one. I haven't seen mine in person yet, but the Charger may be the first car I want lowered.

I was the same way, lol... I said when I bought the car that "I wasnt changing a thing". Well, here we are 120 miles later...:D
Has any one install part #P5155436, Dodge spring kit? If so would does it work?
That looks like the Stage 1 part number. Yes, they will work. You will only get about a .7" drop with those.. Dr Buick is going to put those on his car at some point I think.
That is the kit I am going to install on mine also. Just enough drop to close the wheel well gap up. Thats enough for me....although I do love the look of a slammed Challenger so I understand why someone would want to go coilovers to get that nice low stance.
The coilover kits out there will not fit.. swapping springs is the only option as of now..
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Tammie.. The ride height is adjusted with a spanner type wrench. It is a bit involved. So maybe not a good alternative for you if your roads are unforgiving...
Nope! Thanks. I will probably just leave mine alone. My car will not see that much track time to worry about it. :D
I wont see the track but once or twice a year.. doing this for the looks!! Kit shipped today, so maybe Ill have an update this weekend..
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Now that is the way a challenger should sit.;) I'm looking to the KW's,I can only drop it an inch. My driveway wont allow for much lower.:(

I agree. I dont even think I will go an inch in the front. The rear needs 1-1.5".. I am going to take measurements from the floor to the front splitter and the wheel lips before and after the install to show how far I go. I will post the before and after pics...

BTW, I found a vendor on Ebay that will sell the KWs for $725 shipped. Shipped out same day....

Great deal!! Wish I would of seen this on Sunday.. would of saved me $100!! Lol!
Agreed they sit too high. I need to see if it will clear the speed bumps we have around here first before I consider going down this route. Does it effect the camber when you lower the car ?.

Not with the amount I plan on lowering..
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