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Lowering springs question

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I commented on a lowering springs thread but it was from 2019. I am new here so I am not sure if anybody can see new comments on old threads. Needing some help, if anybody has input or experience please chime in. Thanks in advance. I am curious if any of you guys are still happy with Eibach lowering springs. A buddy of mine was telling me yesterday that Eibach is bad about losing its coil strength after a year or so. I didn't know if there was any truth to that or not, figured I would ask the Trachawk guys.
Also, I have a jet boat that I haul to the lake. With my SRT it sits nice and low when towing, looked great but I never pulled the trigger and got the lowering springs. I am concerned that if I get the TH lowered, I may not be able to pull the boat. It doesn't weigh much. Maybe 3,500 lbs (trailer, boat, and blown big block) and that is a hard maybe. Do any of y'all or have any of you pulled a trailer/boat after installation of lowering springs?
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So this is for a trackhawk? I have Eibach springs now for a year and haven't put them on yet only because I heard it puts strain on other parts when launching. So that's kept me from putting them on. I don't know anything about trackhawk suspension though.
Yes, it's a Trackhawk.
I have experience running Eibach and Swift springs on the Hawk. Big difference imo.

Do you have stock wheels/tires or have those been replaced as well?

With Swift, you would definitely rub with a trailer (they sit perfectly without additional weight).
Yes, I do have stock wheels and tires. I really want to lower the Trackhawk but if it means sacrificing being able to haul the boat, I can't do it. I have done some research on the subject but have came up empty handed. Was really hoping somebody on here had experience with it. Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it!
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