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M6 gears???

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Okay I need to verify something here. The specs show the Hellcat A8 comes with 2.62 gears and the M6 comes with 3.7s. When I build my Challenger Hellcat on it shows my M6 with 2.62s. So what gears actually come with the M6?
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My 2014 Core M6 had 3.92 gears in the rear. Snap your freakn neck. I'm pretty sure the 3.70's are to achieve the top end number.
Using a lower rear end gear in a boosted car is normal.

In a NA car like the 392 your using the mechanical advantage of using a steep gear ratio like a 3.92 to get up and go.

But for a boosted application like the Hellcat you don't need to use the rear gear as much. Your mechanical advantage now is the blower. With a lower rear end gear you keeping the car in boost longer.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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