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M6 gears???

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Okay I need to verify something here. The specs show the Hellcat A8 comes with 2.62 gears and the M6 comes with 3.7s. When I build my Challenger Hellcat on it shows my M6 with 2.62s. So what gears actually come with the M6?
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The most basic way is to jack up the back end so both tires are off the ground. Turn the rear wheels with the transmission in neutral, and count the turns versus one turn on the driveshaft. (Done it.)
You will find either a bit over two and a half turns, meaning it's the 2.62, or a bit over 3 turns, meaning it's the 3.09, or a bit over 3.5 turns, which means it's the 3.70.
Basic, yes, but has the level of accuracy you need to find out.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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