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Selling my 2650 due to going twin turbo.

It has about 4000 miles on it. The rotors have some light scarring. Magnuson advised it is nothing to worry about as long as it doesn’t have any new resistance and or noise. It’s as smooth as the day it was put on. I ran this at 25psi.

This blower runs about $6500 new. The big jon idlers run $600 new.
I have about $500-600 invested in various pulley sizes and belts as well, just to give a reference point.

I will be selling it in stock form for $4000. 30/30 rear cog and 3.5” front pulley.

I will sell it as is for $4500. It has 27% 38/30 overdrive cogs in the rear along with a 3.25 front.

I will include the “Big Jon” idler set for an additional $300 as well.

You will need to obtain 2 heater core lines from Magnuson to complete this kit. It uses its own fuel rails, crossover, etc.

Please message me with any questions.

It’s one of the most fun sounding and rowdy blowers out there. It can be pulleyed to mirror IHI limits or be spun to the moon.

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