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Making good progress

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Like a lot of you guys I had been in VON hell since the order book opened. With my dealer unable to give me any clue as to when I could expect my Hellcat. I started to look at other options.
One option was to buy from a dealer in the UK but in truth, they I believe are finding the allocation system fraught with the same issues we are experiencing and unable to be firm on delivery dates. Plus of course they need their profit.
Then a couple of regulars on here gave me a clue as to how I could help myself. In my mind I did not want to pay more than $5K over but in truth would have gone a bit more just to appease my wife who reckons I have become obsessed with the Challenger Hellcat.
I was not really helping myself as I was firm on my spec. Pitch Black, A8, Black Laguna Leather. Then I hit the jackpot and got real lucky. I found my exact spec Hellcat and willing to sell at MSRP.
My very good friend collected the car for me. We still have a way to go, having it shipped to the UK and altering the lights to meet with UK regulations so I can register the car. Stuff like amber turn signals and rear fog lamps.
So here you go boys and girls. My Hellcats first part of the journey towards the UK
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Chin up my friend, at least you *know* it is eventually going to happen. :cool:

Wow, just think about the future drive down an English country side road.....
Do you guys dream of driving on route 66 or anything like that over on this side of the water?
Usually each side dreams of having what the other has...
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