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I just wanted to share this with those looking to make a decision on what clutch vendor they go with.

As some of you may have read, my build has been fraught with drama. Broken parts, bad tunes, just a litany of horse cr*p. Anyway, I happen to have a Mantic triple in my 2019 Challenger. After speaking with Geoff Gerko @Mantic Clutches, I'll be pulling everything and sending it back in for a rebuild. The big thing, Geoff is standing behind the product he sold me. That has been a rare experience for the most part when its come to trying to get meaningful support on things I have purchased.

I highly recommend Mantic, they stand behind the product.

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Purdy sure the guys selling those clutches are drug dealers

Clutch comes in a $500 locking suit case with fancy foam inside to hold all the paraphernalia in place
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