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Map sensor on a hellcat charger.

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So I placed an order for a hellcat starter back in July and they said they had no eta on the part... next thing you know 3 weeks later they call me and inform me that the part arrived. Fast forward to today, I need a OEM hellcat map sensor and I called them and don't want to risk the coin flip of waiting 2 weeks or 1 month because these dealers just tell you "no eta'"lol, and I wanted to know if there is any site on ebay or a reputable business that has any in stock. would be appreciated. Please and thank you!

(Cant post in marketplace, so asking for shops/websites that have some in stock. If I violated any rule for making this post, sorry and feel free to delete).
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I needed a fuel pump replaced on warranty and dealer said might get one in a couple months back in august. At the end of october I decided to find one on my own. Steve White motors is a popular OEM on line dealer. I called them and they didn't have one in stock but they were very helpful and gave me the name and number of eight dealers that did. If it's not a warranty thing they may find one for you. Good luck!
Thank you! Will do.
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