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Match-Revving In Track and Sport Not working or intermittent

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Hey guys,

Wondering if anyone one else has had this issue and what the proposed solution would be:

My car (since I bought it ), 2021 Redeye Charger Hellcat , when downshifting in Sport or Track, only "match revs" or "throttle blips" inconsistently.

Sometimes it downshifts in Track and match revs (which I love) and other times it downshifts like its in street (super slow and causing a LOT of deceleration).

Anyone have a suggestion? Is there a TSB for this? Battery unplug may solve it? Reflash? TCM update?

Would love to get feedback as it makes the car a lot LESS enjoyable in the city when you're hot-rodding around in track mode and your downshifts are sloppy and not rev matching.

THanks for suggestions.
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Put the shifter in manual mode.
Doesn't make a difference. But thanks for the tip! Definitely gave it a shot.
Did you change out the rear differential? When I went from the 2.62 to the 3.09 my car did the same thing. Changed back and the rev matching worked perfect every time

yes I did go to a 3.09 Gear .

okay I guess it’s time for a tune .
Hate to say it as I have an A8…if we had a M6 all these threads would never existed. Oh wait, let me make sure I press this button before we race!!! Too much electronics on the A8s.
Yes I had the tremec 6060 in my CTSV- it was great - but in track mode the ZF Hellcat is an animal.

just called my buddy at Forza tuned , he said trans shift scheduling parameters need to be tuned to get a 3.09 to work in a 2.62 perfectly .
I’m going to just use this to do stage 2 with him which is

10% lower
pinned crank

Should be good for 100Hp. Or bring the Redeye to 800whp safely on 93.
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